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Bullets MCC is a motorcycle club devoted to Enfield and Royal Enfield motorcycles. These are the pages of the Eastern Chapter: Finland. Our mother club is the Swedish Bullets MCC and we also have the pleasure of having sister chapters in most Scandinavian countries and elsewhere too!

The Royal Enfield is a classic British marque whose first real motorcycle dates back to the year 1901. Since then, the bikes earned a reputation as steady, working machines. Their success after the second world war was finally ended in the 1970's, as it was for most British motorcycle manufacturers.

But this is where the story takes a unique turn!

The 1955 Bullet is still made in India today, practically as it was when Royal Enfield started production there. The one cylinder bike has stayed virtually unchanged during all those years and is now finding its way back to bike enthousiasts all over the world. The Indian manufacturer provides 350cc and 500c versions of the Bullet in various styles and very reasonable prices.

If you want to learn more about these fascinating machines or join the club, we encourage you to read on!

Update: Please visit http://enfield.top-me.com/ to chat with Enfield fans in Finland.

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